NealNeal Smoller, PharmD

Pharmacist, Owner

Neal is a pharmacist and founder of Village Vitality. Neal owns two pharmacies in the Hudson Valley region of New York. The pharmacies focus on holistic care using nutrition, supplements, and custom compounded medications.

Neal envisions a new level of care in the natural products industry. By bringing a professional level expertise and applying evidenced based standards to recommendations, the benefit found from these products can be tremendous.

Neal’s mission is to create a new breed of vitamin stores that raise the bar on the natural products industry. His greatest goal is to find like minded superstars and put them in wonderful communities to help the local people achieve optimal wellness through nutrition and supplements.


JoshJosh Boughton

Natural Products Director

Josh has over a decade of experience working behind the scenes in the supplement industry. Josh has managed health food stores in the Hudson Valley helping patients using a deep knowledge base and straight-forward advice.

As a side business (because he can’t sit still for very long), he has worked as a supplement industry consultant, creating formulations for some best selling products. He has been trained by some of the industry leaders and adopted their goals of applying rigorous standards and a best-practice approach to the natural products industry.

Josh is the pitbull responsible for ensuring the products we carry are of the highest quality. He’s not afraid to ask the hard questions of manufacturers and won’t stop until he gets the truth. He’s a good guy to have on our side…