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Wellness Consults

Neal consult

Helping you make the best health and wellness decisions…

We offer individualized consultations by our expert staff. New patients get a 15 minute Wellness Consult with Dr. Neal to get a plan formulated, address a concern, or to just pick his brain.

Established customers get up to an hour of our time—in store, over the phone, or by video chat. And the price is right… this service is free!

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About Our Consult Service

Get a Health Start Here

Unsure of where to start? Already doing a bunch of stuff and you don’t really know if it’s working?

Our experts begin all consults with what we do best: listening. We can’t figure out how to get you to your goals if we don’t know where
we’re starting from.

Simplify your life

It seems like there’s different opinions on the same stuff all the time. “Don’t drink milk. Eggs are good. Avoid carbs. Juicing is great.”

We’ll help you cut through the confusion. Our methods are a mix of tried-and-true knowledge with powerful, proven new information.

Make A Plan

We can go over your diet, meds, and supplements. We’ll help you make a plan and stick to it.

Reduce and Save

On average, people who come to us use more than 6 supplements. We’ll give our opinion on what can stay and what should go. With a few dietary modifications, most people can reduce down to 3 high quality supplements. We save people hundreds of dollars a year by simplifying their regimen.

Circle Back

With your permission, we’ll follow up to make sure you reach your goals. Our doors are always open (as are our email inboxes), so we’d be happy to sit down with you again, at any time to help.

Let us be your trusted advisor.

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