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COVID-19 Stinks

We Helped.


Here’s our updated COVID-19 information as we fold COVID into our daily operations.

Uninsured? Get Free COVID Vaccines with us!

We’ve partnered with eTrueNorth and the CDC’s Bridge Access Program to give FREE COVID vaccines to uninsured patients.

This program requires registration, which is separate from our appointment and registration.

Click the button below to register, then bring in your voucher to have the claim processed!

12/1/2023: All vaccines currently walk-in.

No appointment needed for vaccines at Village Apothecary.  A quick drive to Woodstock and you’ll be vaccinated faster than CVS or Walgreens cancels an  appointment!

Novavax COVID vaccine now in stock.

RSV in stock.

Village Apothecary continues to be the region’s fastest, most convenient, and FUN COVID-19 vaccine practice.

We strive to make the entire experience painless, especially the injection part.

Now that the Public Health Emergency is over, COVID vaccines are just a part of every day here at the Apothecary.


  • We have done our best to address Frequently Asked Questions here and via our other communications.
  • If you require a pharmacist’s counsel BEFORE you vaccinate, please note that you will have to wait until someone is available to assist you.  This could be a 10-15 minute wait.
  • We recommend you stick to your appointment and ask your questions when it is your turn, so we can address everything while we are assessing you and billing the claim.


Vaccine coverage should remain in effect for insured patients.  We are expecting no out-of-pocket costs, but this will be dependent upon your insurance.  The typical games are back in effect; we’ll let you know if there is any cost to you.

Uninsured patients will have to pay out of pocket, or await CDC’s Bridge Access Program.

We don’t know which insurances or Medicare D plans will cover at which levels until the vaccine has been shipped.

We cannot tell anyone in advance whether they will have coverage.  We will need a week or so experience before we can make any generalizations.


Here’s what you should know now, as of September 26, 2023:

  • Vaccine service at the Apothecary is available 9:30am-5:30 pm Monday to Saturday
  • Initially, we will only stock ModernaIt is fine to mix-and-match if you have not received Moderna)
  • You can/should get your flu at the same time (in the future, these will be more than likely combined into one shot). It is now the optimal time to get vaccinated for fall illness prevention.
  • Side effects of the new COVID vaccine are expected to be the same as you have experienced in the past: fever, headache, chills, fatigue, and pain/redness/swelling at the injection site. These begin in as soon as 4 hours and can persist up to 72 hours.
  • We can immunize patients 3 and older, but we will only maintain a reliable stock for patients 18 and older for now.  Please check with staff via phone or email for the most up to date inventory information.
  • Proof of previous vaccination will be required to ensure you are eligible. If necessary, we will be able to search NYS records.


Eligibility for 9/2023:

  • You must wait 2 months from your last COVID vaccine to receive this vaccine
  • If you recently had COVID, check with your doctor on when you should vaccinate. The CDC has no restrictions on this, and theoretically you can be vaccinated once you no longer test positive.
  • For the most up to date information on eligibility, reach out to our staff member or visit the CDC page here.



  • Understand our system (See Below)
  • Wear a T-Shirt
  • Be patient!


  1. Schedule an appointment here:
  2. Walk in to the pharmacy and go to the right-most counter, where the signs point to VACCINE STEP 1.
  3. Grab a clipboard, form, and pen. Take a seat.
  4. Try to maintain the order – sit to the left of anyone who was there before you.
  5. Complete the form to the best of your ability.
  6. Return the clipboard to the countertop that you got it from, then return to your seat with your frm. Do not give the clipboard or form to our pharmacy staff.
  7. Get your COVID and insurance cards ready.
  8. We will call you when we are ready to process your claim.
  9. Move to the blue “Vaccine Step 2” sign to be assessed and have your claim processed.
  10. Follow further instructions and then skip away happy and vaccinated.


Village Apothecary will continue to offer in-store PCR and antigen tests performed by our expert staff.


We do not bill insurance for COVID testing services.

Costs of tests have (finally) come down, so we’re passing on the discount!

  • PCR Tests: $80 each, results in as fast as 30 minutes
  • Antigen Tests: $20 each, results in as fast as 15 minutes

We no longer require digital pre-registration or appointments.

COVID tests are performed 10-5pm Monday-Saturday

Please call 845-679-0790 in advance to confirm test availability.

Testing will take approximately 15 minutes from start to finish, usually starting no more than 10 minutes after you check in. 

Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is found here.

Antigen tests

pcr tests

  • We use a rapid RT-PCR test called Accula SARS CoV-2 Test.
  • RT-PCR test is a type of NAAT test, also called a Molecular COVID test.
  • Results are ready in 2 hours.
  • Samples are collected in the anterior nares, or end of your nostril (not the back of your sinuses)
  • Click here for the EUA and here for the company’s website.

COVID At-Home Antigen Tests

Village Apothecary stocks at-home antigen COVID tests.

We can attempt to bill your insurance to see if coverage exists.

We no longer have any electronic signup sheets.  Tests can be picked up at the Apothecary or delivered/shipped for a small fee.  Please call 845-679-0790 for more info.

Tests are available for the same cash price as mass-retailers, and we’re offering a deep discount for more tests purchased.  Check with the staff for the most up-to-date pricing.

Wondering about your test’s expiration date?  Check the most up-to-date expiration date extension by googling your test name and “expiration date.”  The FDA is maintaining the most up to date extension notices for all manufacturers.

We currently offer Flowflex tests with expiration dates of 2/2024 and beyond.