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Inside of Village Apothecary's Upstate NY-based Pharmacy

Pharmacy Care The Big Box Stores Could Never Give You.

Independent pharmacies care for their patients best. Village Apothecary isn’t just the exception—we’re a leader.

We fill your prescriptions just as you need—quickly, accurately, and happily—all at competitive prices. It’s everything you’d want in a pharmacy but don’t get from the big box stores and chains.

While filling prescriptions is a big part of what we do, it’s just a small part of the care we give.

We’re Wellness Leaders

Village Apothecary in Woodstock stands out from the crowd because of our focus on true holistic care. Our founder, Dr. Neal Smoller, is a holistic pharmacist and utilizes healthy life choices, supplements, and medications to help his patients and customers live their best lives possible. Learn more about our wellness services here.

Amazing Pharmacy Services

Though we lean heavily on true holistic care and supplements, we’re a full-service, old-fashioned, independently-owned pharmacy.

We accept almost all insurances including Medicare D and New York Medicaid.

Our cash pricing is transparent and is aggressively competitive. Ask us about it!

Here are the pharmacy services we provide:

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Get One-on-one Time

We take the time to explain your medicines to you. This stuff is complex, but we’ll teach you how to take it, what side effects to look out for, and most importantly – why you are on them.

Medicine That’s Right For You

We’re your advocate. We’re your defender. We’ll make sure your medicine, whether prescription or over-the-counter—even vitamins and supplements, are right for you and work well together.


In and out of the pharmacy in no time. Make fewer trips to the Apothecary with our Rx Sync program. Save gas and time by having your medicine dropped to your house using our delivery service.

Customized To Your Needs

Want easy open bottles? Only like the blue pills? Want us to cut your pills in half for you? We’ll get it right, every time.

Friendly, Happy People

We are sure to have the best people out there working in our store. They’re there to delight you at every step of the process!


The Village Apothecary Advantage

It’s not about filling prescriptions; it’s about caring for you and your family.

Filling prescriptions is a big part of what we do, but it’s just a small part of the care we give.

Amazing Staff

Our friendly experts are the most passionate about care in the business.  They go above and beyond to ensure you to be cared for right.

Advantage-HolisticA Holistic Approach

Every time you fill a prescription, we’re looking at the big picture: your medical history, your medicine history, your goals – everything that makes you unique.

Advantage-EducationEducation is Tops

We want our patients to know medicine and supplements as well as we do.  We’ll spend time with you to make sure you’re familiar with your regimen – from keeping the names straight to how they work in your body and how they interact or work together.

We do this via private, counter-side consultations,  extensive 1-on-1 consult sessions in our offices, or group educational classes in and out of our store.

Advantage-EasyEasier Than Any Other Pharmacy

Our lives have never been more hectic.  We recognize that and offer conveniences like no other.

Our stores are one-stop shops for your health.  Prescriptions, compounds, supplements, medical equipment, wound care, compression stockings, braces, and so much more.

Regular customers enjoy benefits like free delivery or even shipping.

Advantage-ManageManaging Medications, Not Just Filling Prescriptions

Why make 3 or more trips to a pharmacy in a month?  At Village Apothecary, we can coordinate all your prescriptions to be filled on the same day.  We call it RxSync. We’ll even call your doctor to make all the refills run out at the same time! One trip to the drug store, no phone calls for refills, super easy.

The Village Apothecary advantage is clear.  Great people, great services.  All for you.