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Village Apothecary Storefront

Village Apothecary is an industry-leading, family-owned pharmacy in the most famous small town in America—Woodstock, New York.

Old-fashioned Pharmacy Modern Wellness Center

Not only are we an old-fashioned independent pharmacy with a number of modern services like prescription syncing, vaccines, and home delivery, but we are leaders in natural products and wellness.

Neal and Elderly Lady CustomerDr. Neal Smoller, PharmD, our founder and pharmacist, has long recognized the benefit of natural products like supplements and vitamins in his patients’ lives, but felt most who promoted natural medicines rarely had the qualifications to speak about them. They did so—and confidently so—with very little scientific evidence.

Dr. Neal decided to help reestablish a conventional healthcare professional’s role as leaders in holistic care. He developed the Holistic Standard (link to drneal/holistic-standard page), a comprehensive approach to true, no-BS holistic care.

Within the Holistic Standard is the Supplement Quality Standard, the industry’s first model for thoroughly ensuring a product’s quality.

Village Apothecary has an extensive wellness offering. Supplements, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, omegas, and much more line the shelves along with natural skincare, healthy superfoods, and even pet nutrition.

Dr. Neal curated a line of high-quality supplements that meet or exceed his Supplement Quality Standard, called Woodstock Vitamins. He then launched, an online brand devoted to bringing Dr. Neal’s expertise and products to an audience far outside of our hometown of Woodstock.

Dr. Neal helps spread quality supplement information via his podcast, The Big Mouth Pharmacist, live webinars, his blog, his Youtube Channel, and his Monthly Rants about the natural products industry.

With all of this, it’s quite clear to see how we think outside the pillbox when it comes to caring for our patients.

Our tiny shop in Woodstock is quite the beehive of health and wellness activity. If you’re local or visiting our famous town, stop in to see us and get a new start on a healthy, happy life!