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Dr. Neal Smoller, Holistic Pharmacist of Village Apothecary

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Village Apothecary is a full-service, family-owned pharmacy with a large selection of industry-leading, high quality supplements, vitamins, beauty aids, and even pet nutrition products!

Our staff is specially trained in our methodology and can answer your supplement questions. Shop in-store, get rewards, and even arrange for free home delivery of your order.

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Dr. Neal’s Story

Dr. Neal Smoller, PharmD, has over 15 years experience as a practicing pharmacist.

He has seen the power of natural products and healthy life choices in the prevention and management of his  patients’ diseases.

Early on in his career, he realized that the natural products industry is highly flawed. Product quality is widely varied and often poor. Recommendations are made on just a thread of science, if that. Propaganda and misinformation abound.

So Dr. Neal created the Holistic Standard, a comprehensive approach to holistic care, backed by science, built to support his patients’ lifelong wellness strategy. Part of that is the Supplement Quality Standard, which is evidence-based criteria that raises the bar and sets a new standard on supplement quality.

Introducing Woodstock Vitamins

Woodstock Vitamins is Dr. Neal’s custom curated line of best-in-quality supplements.

Neal created Woodstock Vitamins to provide his patients with the best possible supplements. With Neal’s rigor, discipline, and integrity, Woodstock Vitamins delivers better products, better advice, and better information to help you live your best and healthiest life.
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We Provide True Holistic Care, Based on Science


There’s a gap between the wellness experience you get and the one you are paying for.

True holistic care involves healthy life choices, supplements, and the best of conventional medicine. All three together is absolutely required for us to live our best, healthiest lives.

Dr. Neal developed the Holistic Standard, a comprehensive approach to managing and preventing disease that is backed by science and geared to significantly improving the lives of patients.

It is comprised of two parts: the Wellness Pyramid and the Supplement Quality Standard.


The Wellness Pyramid


The Wellness Pyramid provides a framework for true holistic care. It incorporates healthy lifestyle choices, strategic supplement use, and medical care.

The Wellness Pyramid teaches people how to simplify these areas of self-care that tend to be overwhelming. An added focus is applied to the confusion around which supplements to use and why.

We love supplements and vitamins, but they aren’t the be-all and the end-all. We must fight our compulsion (taught to us by supplement companies) to seek unnecessary supplements.

The Wellness Pyramid stresses the importance of supplement strategy. A supplement strategy starts first with reevaluating everything. Then, we strip away any products we don’t need, the ones that could be dangerous, and the ones that just aren’t what we think they are.

We rebuild our plan starting with five key nutrients that I’ve identified as potentially benefiting almost everyone who uses them. The data shows that not only do we not get enough of these, but when we do, it has profound health benefits on multiple body systems.

We call these the “Vital Five.”

We Set the Supplement Standard

We need to be sure the supplements we buy exceed our expectations and don’t let us down, as so many do. We should only settle for the right dose and form of a clean and sustainably made supplement that we actually need.

Dr. Neal created the Supplement Standard as a guide for comprehensive supplement quality. The standards are thorough and cover three main components of quality—the first of its kind!

  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Therapeutics
  • Ethics

Unlike other retailers, we only recommend products that meet or exceed our best-in-class standards for quality. We accept only truth, not rhetoric.

We Support Our Patient’s Lifelong Wellness Strategies

Using Dr. Neal’s methods, we can help create a sustainable wellness plan, free of the BS and misinformation of the natural products industry.

We get honest about the industry, get organized, build a plan, and then execute.

It all starts with a free consult.

It continues with the enormous library of 100% original content Dr. Neal has created. Here are a few he considers “required reading”:

The biggest role we serve is gatekeeper. We ensure a patient’s wellness strategy is optimal and being followed. We help patients not get distracted by the trendy and potentially dangerous gimmicks. We reduce costs, confusion, and headache while helping make your lives their healthiest.

To read about the Holistic Standard and Dr. Neal, visit Dr. Neal’s site.

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