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We think the supplement industry is broken. We aim to fix it.

We know that natural products like vitamins and supplements can help. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with substandard products promoted by people who don’t really understand how it all really works.

Experts. Not teenagers on commission.

We hire trained professionals – dietitians and pharmacists – and have one of the most rigorous training programs in the industry. Our experts actually know what an immune system is (unlike the health food store clerks), and know why “boosting the immune system” isn’t really good for you.

We have no axe to grind: we don’t pay by commissions or set sales goals. Our only goal is to make as many of our fellow community members healthy and happy.

Ensuring products are made right.

We police our shelves with Sherlock Holmes level detection. We require all brands that we carry be the most transparent and have industry leading quality controls.

We set the bar high.

We create an internal list of standards that all products must meet. For example, a fish oil brand must meet almost a 40 point quality list before we’ll even consider selling it. We’ve thrown out our top selling lines when they’ve stopped caring and sold out.

No Lying Vitamins.

We don’t allow brands to tell fibs. If you say “whole food”, you can’t have synthetic vitamins fed to yeast. If you say raw, it better be raw. No fake claims – only Honesty in Wellness.

Vitamins that are Right for you.

Supplements we recommend must have data to show first and foremost that they are safe for you. If they are safe, we then look for evidence showing if they work or not. This is the part many stores miss – we make sure you get the right dose at the right time, just like what was in the study.