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Pharmacists have given common vaccines across the country for decades now. A few short years ago, New York finally joined the rest of the states and allowed our pharmacists to give flu and pneumonia vaccines at any pharmacy. Now, pharmacists can immunize patients of almost all ages against a number of diseases, without a prescription from your doctor.

We’re Your Experts.

All of our pharmacists are extensively trained and registered with New York State as immunizing pharmacists. Each of us have lots of experience, given hundreds and hundreds of vaccinations each.

We’re contracted with almost all insurances to provide immunizations in-store. We have specialty temperature monitoring systems on our refrigerator and freezer that will alert the pharmacists on their cell phones if the temperature goes out of range!

We have up to the date references and information from the CDC on vaccines. To see them yourself, we’re linking them¬†here.

Immunization Schedules: Who should get what shot and when
Basic and Common Questions: How vaccines work and debunking common vaccine myths
Additives: Read about what’s in a vaccine, what the ingredients REALLY do, and why they’re safe… directly from the source.
Vaccine Information Sheets: Standardized information given to patients before they get vaccines.

Vaccines Our Pharmacists Can Give

In New York, a pharmacist can give vaccines without a prescription from a doctor. We can do so because we have “standing orders” that are signed with a partnering local doctor. These orders are developed by the NY Department of Health and describe the protocol that pharmacists use to determine if the vaccine is right for you.

  • Flu (Influenza)
  • Pneumonia (both Pneumovax-23 and Prevnar-13)
  • Shingles (Shingrix)
  • Tetanus (with or without Pertussis booster called Tdap)
  • Meningitis (Meningococcal)

Flu shots can also be administered to children 6 months to 18 years old.

Our Vaccines Hurt Less

We take great lengths to make sure any immunization you get from us is as painless as possible. We’ve found what we consider to be the best, safest needles that also hurt dramatically less. We’ve got lots of practice; we know how to effectively give a shot to minimize pain and have it over in no time. In fact, our number one piece of feedback after our patients have gotten shots is “I didn’t even feel it.”

We Make Time For You

Unlike the big box stores, we’re always adequately staffed so we can spend time reviewing the immunizations with you. We’ll go over common side effects, why you should get the vaccine, and even tell you about other vaccines you should discuss with your doctor.