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Rx Sync

Synchronize Your Prescriptions with Rx Sync

Rx Sync offers the convenience of a single monthly trip to the pharmacy and freedom from worries about forgetting to call us or running out of medication or refills.

How It Works

  • You pick the day of the month that works best or let us figure it out. This will be your “Sync Day.”
  • A few days before your “Sync Day,” we’ll start refilling your orders. If there are any changes, give us a call about a week before your “Sync Day.”
  • On your “Sync Day,” we’ll reach out to you to let you know they’re all set.
  • Meds can be picked up on your Sync Day or delivered right to your door.

Save Time

Save time and trouble by having all your prescriptions filled on the same day each month. Make one simple trip to the pharmacy.

Everything is handled for you. We’ll call your doctor for refills and even make sure all your prescriptions run out at the same time—normally in time for your next appointment.

Total Medication Management

Each month, a pharmacist is reviewing your entire medication list. We can be sure you are using the right medicines at the right time. We can monitor changes after doctors’ office visits or hospitalizations. We can more easily check for medication problems as we’re handling all your medicine at once.

More Time For You

Rx Sync allows you free consultations with a pharmacist to review your whole medication plan. We can do so as often as once a month.

Delivered to Your Door

We take Rx Sync a step further and pair it with our delivery services. Once a month, all your refills are filled automatically and dropped off to you.

Rx Sync Benefits

  • No need to call in prescription refills
  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy. Most patients go from 4 trips each month to 1
  • No need to constantly check if your prescriptions can be filled
  • No worries about running out of medication or refills
  • Prescriptions are ready on the day of the month you choose
  • Free monthly consults with your pharmacist about your medications

Sync Your Prescriptions. Simplify Your Life. Sign up for this awesome service now!

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